‘ThinShell’ & ‘LiteStone’


The term ‘ThinShell’ applies to units of thickness less than 50mm. This is achieved using our unique Wet Cast manufacturing process and is reinforced using steel mesh and/or small diameter steel bars. The shell is usually stiffened by ribs made from the same matrix as the shell: a mixture of cement and natural aggregates.

The consequently lower unit weight offers easier handling and reduced environmental impact through the use of less material and energy consumption at all stages of the product handling.

Our ‘ThinShell’ concrete products and their genuine Stonelike finish are a superior alterantive to GRC & GRP.


The ‘LiteStone’ products are specially designed ‘ThinShell’ units to meet the requirements of the contemporary House Builder. The standard products range offers various Wet Cast dressings limiting the individual unit weight to  one or two man lift, in line with health & safety legislation.

Other important features of ‘LiteStone’:

– A full Architectural dressing range including Heads, Cills, Jambs, Mullions, Band Course, Blocks, Quoins & Copings;
– Genuine Wet Cast material with compressive strength in excess of 40N/mm2;
– Superb finish and meets performance criteria for BS1217.
– Very short lead-in period; normally 2-4 weeks;
– Environmentally friendly, using less than half the amount of natural aggregates normally used.

Non-standard dressings to Customers requirements are also offered in ‘LiteStone’ on a reasonably short lead-in period.